Note: Sept 28

  1. Thomas Ruff / photographer -->tate magazine / -->foam magazine pixel the image, math trace image, the coincidence of nature, physical, math and products
  2. How to present your work in print??
  3. "The future issue" 
  4. The Home Collection / Vitra catalogue 2006 -->shift
  5. unconscious but actually designed precisely
  6. Take a position
  7. During a long research which you couldn't figure out,
    think about presentation first, it will help you back to your research.


Note: Sept 27

  1. Did Apollo 13 really land on the moon? or it's just a fraud made by US government?
  2. unnecessary - useless
    (if nothing is useless why created a word "useless") 
  3. we trust our own experiences
  4. distraction 
  5. strategy / strategist 
  6. Dutch really like their toilet which can see the truth that comes from  their bodies.
  7. learn to make conclusions
  8. to connect things (art / design / bio / eco / marketing...etc  ) with trust 
  9. digital personal icon display mask which could avoid eye to eye contact 


stay up late

yesterday night was the first night I didn't sleep in Eindhoven

Note: Sept 21


  1. now is design presented
  2. object which solve the problem disappear their functionality  (odd)
  3. Prooff
  4. Jurgen Bey
  5. Fernando Pessoa XXVI Poetry
  6. Super Normal
  7. seeing letters dancing on my book due to lack of sleep

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble Trailer Documentary


Note: Sept 20

  1. In the past, you just knew things happened around you.
    Nowadays, you know pretty well the world and couldn't ignore it.
  2. You Know, but you don't believe, because you don't see it.
    You see pretty clothes, organized society, you forget the broken environment.
  3. Love doesn't equal to idealise;
    You love someone, something, you love not only the good side but also the bad side.
  4. People look like what they look like (educated for example)
  5. What's the unit to volume? free lunch offered to students by government ?

Examined Life



lack of vocabulary,
lack of communication,

lack of speaking ability,
lack of social possibility.

I am muted by myself.


Giacomo B-day party

Yesterday was Giacomo's 23th birthday. He arranged a party in his place and designed a poster for it. I went to the party not only enjoyed it but also learned few things from it.

  1. The gesture in the poster means a lot to the Italian, they really like to do this while they are talking.
  2. Never go to a party on time, always be 1 or 2 hours late.
  3. Beer Pong : also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping-pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer/water on the other end. The game typically consists of two two-to-four-player teams and multiple cups set up on each side set up in triangle formation.(wiki)
  4. The Etiquette of cheek-kissing : one goes to right cheek and then to left, and remember making kiss sounds.

Happy Birthday to Giacomo!!


finger fish

From Eindhoven 櫥窗篇

Note: Source / Scott Burnham On Trust

  1. sustainability 
  2. simplicity 
  3. transparency 
  4. traceability 
  5. understanding

Futurist : Eastman Innovation Lab


  1. Trust vs economy
  2. valume = price ? expensive / cheap trust-worthy?
  3. CCTV? Car recorder? 
What product / service you don't trust and try to improve the trust by design

Media --> Sources -->different angles --> ALLHEADLINENEWS.COM
                                 --> Public comments --> Facebook Poll & Chart & Discussion 
                                 --> People we trust --> FaceBook Searching Engine


Note: Sept 13

  1. Believed, but not has to be the truth
  2. reality & fiction
  3. always "think twice"
  4. media / news / photograph / authority - trust-worthy?
  1. RAF
  2. anti-trust
  3. cynical
  4. designer or artist? solution or comment?
  5. book recommended : "The Craftsman" " Freakonomics" 
  6. never excuse yourself in the beginning 
  7. rituals
  1. Allebeplein (a place)
  2. trust bubble (people who trust each other become a trust bubble)
  3. responsibility of social communication
  4. multiculture--problem
  5. will to change? tradition remained?
  6. new york - separate race society


Note: Symposium Questioning Time

  1. The Future Well / Jay Parkinson
    stand to work / don't eat the food which doesn't rot
  2. Cradle to Cradle and Timely Innovation / Michael Braungart
    saving environment is usually not so effective
    not to seek efficiency but effectiveness
    no green design, just " good design"
    carbon neutral
  3. Vision of the Future / Joep van Lieshout
    if product is expensive, it will be produced less and kept long
    slave city
  4. The Beginning and the End of Time / Robbert Dijkgraaf
    4 dimension cube = hyper-cube
    Big Bang Theory
    Wheeler-Feynman Absorber Theory : There is only one electron in the world
    time still in the black hole
    the Multiverse
    baby universe / cosmic landscape 
  5. Time for a rhyme & Write on Time / Alexis de Roode
    try to solve your own problem with time by writing a poem


English Practice 1 & 2


Damn the weather, damn the rain,
it made me cold and wet;
I hate to carry an umbrella,
It can help me not to be wet but get weight.


25 minutes, more or less,
from home to school,
on foot.

a slow suicide of my knee.

Note: Welcome word Design Academy Eindhoven

  1. start blogging
  2. designer shapes the future (and find your way to)
  3. interface the world (and reflect to your work )
  4. research what the world needed
  5. mentality / share / cooperation / conscious
  6. contextual design :
    connect cultural, social meanings between human & object & world 
  7. social design:
    design really met people, critical module or thinking