Giacomo B-day party

Yesterday was Giacomo's 23th birthday. He arranged a party in his place and designed a poster for it. I went to the party not only enjoyed it but also learned few things from it.

  1. The gesture in the poster means a lot to the Italian, they really like to do this while they are talking.
  2. Never go to a party on time, always be 1 or 2 hours late.
  3. Beer Pong : also known as Beirut, is a drinking game in which players throw a ping-pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in a cup of beer/water on the other end. The game typically consists of two two-to-four-player teams and multiple cups set up on each side set up in triangle formation.(wiki)
  4. The Etiquette of cheek-kissing : one goes to right cheek and then to left, and remember making kiss sounds.

Happy Birthday to Giacomo!!

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