Note: Oct 4

  1. things for short time - why do we need them? what's the real problem?
  2. normal to do or not normal to do
  3. go to big range, modelling all possibilities, then decide what might work or not
    and dig deeper to the possibility one
  4. research what metal can be used or how it be used may help
  5. in some communities of northern Netherlands, you couldn't have curtain in your living room
    what you have done must be known
  6. keep in mind the question and be careful not to go far away from the beginning question
  7. " what's the difference between artist and designer?"
  8. see a beautiful object but couldn't realize what it is (function reveals?)
  9. when going to a exhibition, you don't understand then you just go away (immediately goes to ideas
  10. will you give up your original idea when you make a beautiful mistake which lead to a better resultor answer?
  11. the opportunities without expecting 
  12. you forget to see the beauty besides you because you focus on your goal of journey
  13. you make decisions with all sources come to you either they are good or not, clear or not
  14. you are you
  15. make 1:1 model can face the reality
  16. your skill goes to the product, not product goes to your skill
  17. the process of design has a lot of changes, so need to do it quickly
  18. F.O.C -->website
  19. if you design a DIY product, you have to think how people act to it
    (if they make it wrong, will it keep as stronger or useful as you expect? )

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